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Why register?  
Problemiste is a shareware. If you are satisfied with the program and you wish to use it beyond the trial period, you must first register. Registration will give you access to the full capacities of Problemiste, without any limitation like in the demo version. You will, for instance, be able to save files containing more than 20 positions.  
Here are three other good reasons to register:  
Free access to technical support,  
The opportunity to link up with other registered users,  
And, above all, encourage the creator to continuously improve the program.  

How to register?
To register, use the ORDER.TXT file provided with the program and send it through the post along with your check. You can also order and pay for Problemiste online using your credit card via the official website:  
If you have internet access, your user name and password will be e-mailed to you as soon as your order has been received. Otherwise, a setup disk with the latest version of Problemiste
and your password will be mailed to you by post.  
This password will apply to all the future versions of Problemiste
. The latest version of Problemiste can be downloaded at all time from the official Problemiste webpage:  
Using your Problemiste Password
Your password should be entered via the "About Problemiste" dialog box.  
Click on "Registration".  
In the dialog box, type in your user name (case sensitive) then your password. Press OK.  
The Demo label will disappear from the title bar: from now on Problemiste will run at 100%.  

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